Guitar Lessons By
Victor Martinez Parada

Victor Martinez Parada

Victor Martinez Parada has instructed guitar students in Chile and Australia in the styles of Latin, classical, and folk; publishing several lesson books for skill ranges beginner through master. We're very excited to present a selection of his key lessons here through his website and it is our sincere hope that through these lessons you will deepen your love for the guitar and spread the joy of music to your family and those around you.

Dear friends and guitar lovers – It’s with great pleasure that I present this course. I’ve decided not to vary its format and to a great extent it maintains the same as it first appeared as weekly lessons which I contributed to “The Hispanic Herald” over many years for the Hispanic community and the entirety of Australia. I’d like to give my gratitude to Mr. Santiago Pozo (Editor in Chief) who opened his doors to me. I would also like to thank Mr. Chris Peters – my web developer – whose patience, friendship, and continuing work with me has made it possible to make this website a reality.

And now it is with great joy that I deliver to you all those lessons along with additional content I have created since in teaching my students and increasing my own knowledge of this wonderful instrument – the guitar. I’m excited to now have the opportunity to bring these guitar lessons through my website and FaceBook.

Victor Martinez Parada

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Victor Martinez Parada

Lesson Categories

Aprende a tocar Jingle Bells

"Learn to play Jingle Bells"

"Jingle Bells" by James Lord Pierpont

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Aprende a tocar Greensleeves

"Learn to play Greensleeves"

Englsh folk song 16th-17th century

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Aprende a tocar Himno a La Alegria

"Learn to play Hymn to Joy"

From Symphony 9 by Ludwig van Beethoven

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Famosos Arpegios

"Famous Arpegios"

... of (some of the) greatest melodies and songs of all time

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Escalera Al Cielo

"Stairway to Heaven"

by Led Zeppelin

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28 Acordes Basicos

"28 Basic Chords"

Table of the 28 Basic Chords for Guitar

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El Grafico De Acordes y Sus Simbolos

"The Chords Chart and Its Symbols"

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El Condor Pasa

"El Condor Pasa"

Traditional Altiplano, medium difficulty version

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Conocimientos Basicos Musicales

"Basic Musical Knowledge"

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El Compas

"The Measure"

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Llorando Se Fue


World song popularized by the Brazilian group Kaoma. Subsequently the original authors were discovered: the Bolivian group Los K'Jarkas

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A musical piece by Agustin Lara

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Fumano Espero

"Fumando Espero"

Music by Juan Vidalomat Masanas (Easy Tango Version)

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Los Ritmos del Mundo

"The Rythms of the World"

Strumming and it's symbology

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